Back to School


In case you aren’t aware, I am the author of Shadow Ballet, a novel I wrote many years ago.  I took three years to complete the manuscript, another two decades to finally see it in print.  After being rejected by what seems like every publisher on the planet I bit the bullet and self published.  Those who have read the novel have been very complimentary, but I, like so many others, have learned that self publishing is a way to spend a lot of money without earning profits.

I continue to work on other stories because I love to write, to tell stories, to express myself through the characters I create.  On the other hand, after so many years of not earning a living by writing, I have begun to learn how to write profitably.

Through the years of my careers, I have found myself being tasked with writing for the people who employed me, often being paid for my efforts, but usually in conjunction with other duties for which I was hired.  Unfortunately, that sort of writing is not what can be counted on the pay the bills, so I set out to investigate what kind of writing would keep the rent paid.

It took a while, there being a thousand ways to choose the wrong road to follow, my diligence has paid dividends and I am now enrolled in a course of study and applying the elbow grease needed to complete the courses of study.  The homework is not easy, but that is a good thing.  If it was easy it would have little true value.  I look forward to being able to spend my days doing what I love: writing.

Oh yeah, my granddaughter has written a book, available at Amazon just like mine.  Check out The Forces That Connect Us by R. Beverly.