Paying Tribute


I am disturbed by the on going surrender of our institutions and way of life to the believers and followers of Islam.  I am tired of my nation, a nation founded on religious tolerance, giving quarter to the religious intolerant who migrate here from the nations of Islam.  Islam is not a religion of peace, as some have labeled it, but a religion of dominance and intolerance.  It is not a religion of equality and human rights, but one of subjugation and slaughter of all non-believers and even of those who follow meekly in its path.

I am not averse to anyone peacefully observing and practicing their religious beliefs, but I am opposed to all who would force their beliefs upon anyone under penalty of death.  Islam, as written in the Kuran prescribes death for all who do not accept and adhere to the teachings of Islam.  Believe or die.  Such is the command of the Kuran.

Our nation has lost sight of our history with the practitioners of Islam and the actions which led the newly born United States of America into combat during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.  The Barbary Coast pirates of north Africa had been draining the funds of our newborn nation for years before Jefferson dispatched the Navy and the Marines to make it known we would not have our merchant shipping and citizens held for ransom and we would not pay tribute for their safety in the Mediterranean Sea.  (Google “Thomas Jefferson vs. The Muslim World” for detailed history)

Jefferson, who had co-authored the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, was deeply disturbed by a religion which demanded violent reprisals against non-believers.  Fundamentalist Islam returning to threaten the United States was perhaps his greatest fear, for he recognized the dangers of permitting its followers even a tiny toe hold in our nation.

Robert Goodloe Harper, in 1816, stated “Millions for defense, but not one penny for tribute”, reflecting the attitude of Jefferson.  While this is reflected in the position “we do not negotiate with terrorists”, what seems to be lost is recognition of what defines terrorism.  We have been surrendering our national identity and pride with each step we have taken to avoid offending the radical followers of Islam by banning Piggy Banks from work places, by banning all other religions from sitting on juries where Muslim defendants are being tried, by removing pulled pork from school menus, and list goes on ad nauseum. Yes, nauseum, enough to make you ill, at the surrender of our culture to avoid offending those who have migrated here for the obvious purpose of tearing down the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

We are a nation of laws.  Those who choose to join our nation of laws are welcome to become contributing members of our society, free to observe their religion and culture as they deem appropriate, provided so doing does not violate the sanctions of our laws.  It is their obligation to observe and obey the laws of our nation, not our obligation to bend our laws to suit them.  I have friends who are practicing Muslims, good people who are good neighbors, good citizens, who recognize and respect the beliefs of others.  I am happy to count them friends.  I am equally willing to count the radical followers of Islam among my personal enemies and the enemies of the nation whose Constitution I swore to protect and defend with my life.  I refuse to pay tribute in any manner to avoid offending their belief that women are chattel, non believers are to be killed, and that the United States is to become ruled by Sharia law.  I politely invite them to return from whence they came.