Civil War


We have always been a nation with a populace ready to fight like siblings until attacked from the outside, which unites us in common cause for as long as the threat exists, so that we can return to squabbling among ourselves.  Historically, we began as a nation of opposing views, our independence gained over the opposing actions of English loyalists as well as the British military.  Ninety years later we became a nation divided, at war with ourselves, brother against brother, father against son, neighbor against neighbor.

During that time we were led by Abraham Lincoln, a president detested by many, reviled in the press, attacked in speeches, and ultimately assassinated.  This all happened one hundred fifty years ago, at a time when news traveled slowly, when communication took days and weeks, not minutes or seconds as we experience today.  Then it was a war over economic factors and the related issue of slavery.  Today we are a nation divided on different lines, but divided all the same, and the politics are just as volatile.

We have a new administration and a new Congress, both elected on the promise of changing the manner in which we are governed.  The dissatisfaction which brought about the change of administration did not arise over a few days or months, but over a period of years.  Our government has grown so large, the regulations and related tax burdens have become so overbearing, and the overspending of revenues to outrageous that voters voiced their discontent.

The day the election results came in the losers set out to cripple, damage, obstruct, and destroy the winners.  We have become a nation divided in a manner not seen since the Civil War.  We are divided between those who in Luddite fashion set their target on any and all actions for the new administration and those who wish for changes which will hopefully improve the lot in life for everyone.  It is truly sad to hear public officials sworn to protect and defend the Constitution standing forth to defy the law of the land it prescribes.  We are a nation of laws, laws which can be changed, amended, or removed through legislation.  Law enforcement agencies are not charged with writing or changing laws, but with administering and enforcing them.  When these agencies openly defy the law we are a nation on the brink of chaos.  Citizens are guaranteed the protection of the law.  Open defiance in the past had a terrible painful result, one which we can ill afford to repeat.  There are no winners in a Civil War, only a nation badly injured and slow to heal.


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