A Parallax View


Donald Trump has been office 24 days and in that brief time has generated more confusion, protest, speculation, threats, and accusations than any President in recent memory.  After eight years of the press ignoring anything negative about Obama or simply spinning it to a sunny aspect, they are suddenly confronted with a man who aggressively attacks what he views as their absence of journalistic honesty.  The question, as I see it, is whether what he is doing is the manic ravings of an ego-maniacal narcissist, or is it the clever manipulation of the press by a brilliant business man who doesn’t care about politics.

Donald Trump did not rise to office through the halls of political bargaining and back room deals made in exchange for pork barrel projects and voter support.  He made his way to the forefront of our nation’s leadership by succeeding as a hard nosed, cut throat, visionary businessman.  Yes, he has a big ego, just like every other elected official, but look beyond it and try to see the end game in his antics.

Politicians tell people what they think they want to hear so that they can get into office and ignore the desires of their constituents.  Trump has achieved office and set out immediately to do what he promised he would do, and no one in the press is looking for his end game.  If you study the history of the man, you will discover that he always has a target and will do whatever is necessary to befuddle, distract, confuse, and upset the opposition in his negotiations and actions.  After only a few weeks he has managed to create more chaos in the status quo than any President in the last century.  Exactly as he promised he would do.

Step back and take a different look at the man in the Oval Office.  Is he actually the persona he is showing to the press, or is he playing a longer game, one aimed at rebuilding our manufacturing base, taking control of immigration, reducing our taxes, changing our foreign policies to favor the US, and standing face to face with foreign leaders as the leader of a great nation, unapologetic for our prosperity. Look beyond the struggles to find the right people for his team and see if you can determine why he is doing what he is and where he is determined to take our nation. If he can shake things up this much in three weeks, think about what he will accomplish in four years.


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