Be Careful What You Wish For


Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.  I don’t know the root source of this adage, but it is a healthy cautionary tale.  The people of the US elected a new leader, a man who told them what he intended to do if elected, promises of changes from what has become the status quo.  After less than a month in office he has demonstrated that he meant what he promised, the result being demonstrations and threats and liberal judges violating the law to a background chant of “Impeach him now!”

Our President may be brash, politically incorrect, disrespectful of the media, out of step with the liberal attitudes of the opposition, but this is why he was elected.  The desire of the majority of the nation (not just the population centers of the east and west) was for someone who was not a political insider to step up and take executive action to enforce the laws of our land.  There has arisen a great hue and cry regarding the deportation of illegal immigrants, particularly from those places which have deemed themselves to be “sanctuary cities”.  The constitution does not provide the right for cities to declare themselves sanctuary for illegal immigrants.  It actually prohibits it.  When the President takes action as Chief Executive to enforce the Constitution of the United States, he is doing his job.

As a retired law enforcement officer, I understand that the law as written is not always the best solution or answer, but until the laws are changed, they must be enforced as written.  The President does not write the laws, that is the purview of Congress, the Legislative branch of our government.  He  doesn’t interpret or decide if a law is constitutional, that is up to the Judicial Branch.  As the head of the Executive branch his job is to ensure the law is enforced as written.  The electorate of the US chose a man who said he would enforce the law and would work to influence Congress to change the laws where necessary.  You don’t have to like what he is doing, but he is doing what he promised he would do.  We might wish he would be more polite or diplomatic, but we knew he wouldn’t be when we elected him.  How refreshing it is to know we got what we wished for.


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