Taking Responsibility


“The person who can smile when everything is going wrong has already figured out who to blame.”

In the beginning, the Obama administration and and the Democratic party made a habit of blaming George W. Bush for any and all shortfalls, failures, disappointments, misunderstandings, or unfortunate choices.  Eight years later, with a new president about to enter office, the Democrats are still blaming GWB for any and all failures they have experienced in the last eight years.  Go figure.

Let’s take a look at just one issue: The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is more commonly known.  This is a law passed without a single vote from any Republican law maker.  Prior to passage, health insurance was purchasable with reasonable deductibles for a somewhat reasonable price.  A thousand dollars a month would provide decent coverage with a $500 deductible and a 10-25% copay.  You could select the coverage you wanted or needed, and pay only for them.  With Obamacare, things changed a bit, including the number of broken promises, but more importantly, costs skyrocketed.  Not for the lower income folks, who became eligible for government health care at the expense of others, but for the people who needed to buy their coverage.  Deductibles rose to $5000 or more on premiums of $1200 or more per month.  In other words, your insurance doesn’t kick in until you spend $5000 on health care. In addition, if you are a single male, you are required to purchase insurance to cover pregnancy and other female related health issues.  You don’t need it, won’t use, but are obligated to purchase it.  So let’s see, you spend $14400 a year for coverage, then need to spend another $5000 before you can use it, and don’t even get a kiss from the ladies you pay to cover for their female issues.  No, instead, if you resist participating in this ludicrous rip off, you get to pay a tax for not doing so.  Fortunately the tax is much less costly than the insurance and you still have the balance of the premium left over to cover any medical expense you might incur.

For this the Democrats want your applause.  For failed foreign policy, for a world that laughs at the still sitting president, for taxing and regulating businesses out of existence, well, those little problems are GWB’s fault.  Obama campaigned in 2008 on a platform for change, but without saying what he would change.  Eight years later, the people who felt the burdens of those changes expressed themselves loudly and clearly.  But this, according to the Democrats, is all the fault of GWB.

After eight years, don’t you think it’s time to stop pointing your fingers at anyone but yourselves?



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