Winter Has Officially Arrived


The first morning I have looked out my window at a blanket of snow has arrived.  It seems a fine way to finish the Thanksgiving weekend and start the countdown for Christmas.  Speaking of the season of giving, I would like to remind all my friends about my novel, Shadow Ballet, which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both print and electronic media.  This invitation to buy is obviously a demonstration of blatant commercialism, but also an invitation to enjoy a good story and share it with your family and friends.

Writing a novel offers an opportunity for the author to express personal feelings and experiences that might otherwise remain unexposed by making them part of a character’s personality and opinions.  I admit to having strong opinions about things, but for the most part I maintain a polite silence rather than creating a foundation for a confrontation.  Writing offers me a freedom to say and do things with my fictional characters I might hesitate to say or do in polite society.

In the spirit if being polite, I invite each of you, my friends and readers, whether your personal beliefs follow the meaning of the Christmas season, to recognize the kindness of the season.  Regardless your religion or beliefs, remember that each of the major religions offer a common thread at their core.  Simply stated: Treat others as you would have them treat you.  Measure your words and actions first by this simple scale.  You will discover a peace in your self and be able to share that peace with those who share this humble planet with you.


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