New Home, New Hope, Old Behavior


I am now a resident of Reno, Nevada, truly the Biggest Little City in the World.  Reno is so much more than what is often imagined by people who have never been here, or only visited to enjoy the casinos.  The high desert at the foot of the Sierra Nevada is a surprisingly wet, with small streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds found throughout the valley known as Truckee Meadows.  Reno is an old city, having been the jumping off point for wagon trains in the 1800’s for people migrating to California, and Sparks, its next door neighbor the railroad nexus for the continental railroad as well as the feeder lines to the continental railroad.  Today Reno is an industrial hub at the crossroads of two interstate highways as well as the railroad and an international airport, while still maintaining an aura of the old west.

I moved here with the hope of finding my way home from the emotional devastation of my personal life after losing two wonderful ladies to cancer.  As I have settled in I find myself looking forward with eager anticipation to what awaits me, instead of longing for the joy of the past to re-emerge from the darkness of my grief.  The new hope is becoming a reality.

While I try not to make political statements, recognizing the sort of minefield such things become, I would like to offer an observation.  The outcome of the recent election has made elated some, disappointed and angered others.  In my lifetime I have participated as a voter in many elections, but while I have read about and studied elections before my time, I have not seen the sort of behavior the Democratic Party supporters have demonstrated since November 8th.  This is not the first time the winner of electoral votes failed to win the popular vote.  This is not the first time vitriol and insults have been part of the campaigns.  This is not the first time people have been unhappy with the outcome.  This the first time that the losing side has violently taken to the streets and attacked the supporters of the winners.  This is shameful.  This is petty.  This is adults having a temper tantrum.

No one knows what will be the manner in which the new President conducts business.  We do know that voters were unhappy with the status quo, with business as usual, with professional politicians stealing their money and their freedoms.  The Electors  have been advised by their voters how to cast their ballots.  While they may not have a legal obligation to follow that advice, they certainly have a moral obligation to do so.


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